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We equip, empower and encourage business leaders, CSR professionals and Everyday Superheroes with uncomplicated tools to create more socially and environmentally responsible companies.

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22 – Home Office Ergonomic Hacks with Rebecca Greier-Horton

Episode Summary Part 8 of an 8 part series on Working From Home, Responsibly Episode 22: Home Office Ergonomic Hacks with Rebecca Greier-Horton The human body matters, especially at work. As we transition to work from home, some aches and pains may have crept in. Rebecca describes her own WFH challenges (two adults, two teenagers,…

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Call it CSR, sustainability, corporate citizenship or ESG
(Environment, Social & Governance).

Whatever you call it, we make it easy.


Strategist, big picture thinker, visionary, makes sense of disparate bits of info, data geek, trend predictor, business realist, trusted guide, market signal interpreter, singer. She loves to talk about ESG and how important CSR is to investor decisions.

Janet and Barbra


CSR trailblazer, story curator, people champion, superpower discoverer, connector, curious explorer, lifelong learner, glass overflowing, author, possibility see-er, speaker, dark chocolate aficionado. She loves to talk about adding value to your business.

We have each spent 25 years working in companies we built, inside some of the world’s most respected brands, and consulting for global corporations to create CSR strategies to increase profitability, enhance reputation and attract the best talent.

We have worked with business leaders, CSR professionals and armies of Everyday Superheroes and they will all tell you this: we make CSR simple, doable and there is never a question too dumb to ask! Don’t wait another day. Let’s get started on a journey to a “destination better” for your company.

Rebecca H.

I am incredibly excited about the momentum that you and Janet are creating. Thank you for elevating the conversation in sustainability. You two women remind me why I do what I do.

Rebecca Greier Horton
Passionate Sustainability Advocate, Herman Miller

Tessa S.

We found our experience with Destination Better to be extremely valuable. Their professionalism, knowledge of the sustainability industry, and creative communication strategies were true assets to our project.

Tessa Schreiner
Sustainability Manager, Office of Sustainability, Leon County


Janet served as a huge mentor to me, with understanding how sustainability can be applied to modern-day business environments. Much of my growth and success has come from working with Janet and Barbra, serving as CSR experts I can rely on to brainstorm ideas.

Brian Pullen
Sustainability Manager at Pechanga Resort & Casino

Richard R.

Two gifted colleagues, Barbra Anderson and Janet Craig. They are defining the sustainability space!

Richard Rosen
President/CEO Rosen Convergence



The Creating Responsible Companies Podcast.

The only podcast that makes Corporate Social Responsibility easy.

In today’s modern market, customers, employees and investors expect businesses to be authentic and transparent. CSR is the biggest opportunity for businesses to increase profitability, enhance reputation and attract top talent through environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

Learn step-by-step action plans, uncomplicated tools and secrets we’ve learned from the corporate trenches. Business leaders, CSR professionals and Everyday Superheroes: you will be so passionate about the difference you’re making, you’ll pinch yourself that this is your reality.

Why? Because we all want to create a better world. And we’re doing it, together, one responsible company at a time.


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