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For 25 years we have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies. And during that time there has been an incredible increase in expectations from customers, employees and investors for businesses to be authentic and transparent. During that same time, global community and environmental concerns have become more complicated. And the fact is that companies have the resources and manpower to create change.

We knew it was time to shift our model of working with a handful of companies and instead share the tools and secrets we’ve learned from the corporate trenches. We are wildly passionate about solving global challenges by equipping, empowering and encouraging business leaders, CSR professionals and Everyday Superheroes.

So, in each episode we’ll for the first time ever share practical step-by-step action plans and uncomplicated tools. Because we all want to create a better world. And we’re going to do it, together, one responsible company at a time.

Podcast episodes

005 – Better Company: CSR Made Easy in 3 Steps

Part 2 of a 2-part series, with Episode #4 “Better You: The 24 Skills Every Professional Needs, But They Didn’t Teach You in School”Throughout our years of working in Corporate…

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004 Better You: The 24 skills every professional needs, but they didn’t teach you in school

Part 1 of a 2-part series, with Episode #5 “Better Company: CSR Made Easy in 3 Steps.” After decades of working for some of the largest and most progressive companies…

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003 – Why CSR Is Critical Today: 5 Intriguing Headlines and 15 Questions That Will Change the Way You Look At Your Company

Why Corporate Social Responsibility is critical today. In this episode, Janet and Barbra talk about 5 intriguing headlines and 15 questions that will change the way you look at your…

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