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21 – Self-care with Rachel Stone


Episode Summary 

Part 7 of an 8 part series on Working From Home, Responsibly

Episode 21: Self-care with Rachel Stone

So many external stressors can lead us into unhealthy patterns. But having a system helps. Rachel Stone shares her approach to minding your stress instead of stressing your mind with easy breathing techniques, her 3 C’s and of course gratitude in her guide, 5 Keys to Self Care: Minding your Stress instead of Stressing Your Mind.



Rachel Stone is a Master’s level therapist with over 20+ years of experience in community and behavioral health. She embraces her life as an author, speaker, grief counselor, life coach, quality improvement specialist and natural-born leader with a zest for living life to the fullest. She’s been told her laugh is infectious. Her passion is to spread love, light and laughter throughout the world by helping men, women and children overcome stress, anxiety and depression. Her track record with helping to heal clients from chronic mental illnesses is incredibly high. She utilizes a whole body, mind and spirit approach, therapeutic skills, connection and compassion to inspire a life of happiness, health and empowerment to those who crave it.


Topics Covered

  • What is Love and Shift? It’s all about self love and self-care!
  • How stress lowers your immune response
  • How you can lower your stress level even if you can’t get to a “safe space” like your office or school 
  • Step 1: Just breathe using this proven technique to helps decrease stress
  • Step 2: Exercise, your body’s chemistry and what depression tells your body not to do
  • Step 3: Eat right to boost your immune system
  • Step 4: Get resourced with The 3 C’s 
  • Step 5: Positive mindset, the power of gratitude and anchor memories


Free Resource


1. Download our free resource from Rachel, 5 Keys to Self Care: Minding your Stress instead of Stressing Your Mind.

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