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20 – Zoom Petiquette with Karen Bartoszek


Episode Summary

Part 6 of an 8 part series on Working From Home, Responsibly

Episode 20 Zoom Petiquette with Karen Bartoszek

Can working from home with pets be productive AND good for your soul? Yes! Turns out that pets make great stress-reducing co-workers. Pet Etiquette expert, Karen Bartoszek, shares some eye-opening data on the state of pet ownership, working from home with pets and how this could affect the workspace of the future. Chock-full of tips you can apply to your home office space, today. Get yourself and your company’s pet-friendly policies ready with her guide, Working From Home Petiquette: Tips to Help You and Your Pet Become Great Team Players!



Karen Bartoszek is the founder of Pets Living the Dream, a business consulting firm that creates pet-friendly programs for cities and businesses alike. Her programs make cities and businesses stand out from their competition and win the praise of pet parents—especially the much-coveted Millennials and Gen Zs. She is a graduate of Corporate America with over 20 years at AT&T and IBM and built her pet-friendly expertise as a side passion throughout her corporate career.

She will not only put the enormity of the pet industry into perspective, but Karen will also be sharing some practical tips for both pet owners and leaders of employees who are pet owners.


Topics Covered

  • Karen shares pet ownership stats and how this relates to working from home and company culture
  • Can working from home with pets be productive AND good for your soul?
  • Why this is a great time for employers to assess their pet friendly policies.
  • Maintain a routine
  • Take a scheduled walk or play. A tired pet is a quiet pet, especially during video calls!
  • Be prepared with distractions (treats, Dog TV, Furbo)
  • Rooms with a view and tips to prevent barking
  • Keeping them close; set up their bed close to you
  • Your reactions matter and impact the behavior of your pet
  • Most important tip: the mute button is your friend!
  • Pet-related team-building opportunities
  • Pets really do make great coworkers. Hear about the data related to pet-friendly workplaces, stress levels, workplace gossip and productivity increases.
  • Learn about the percentage of millennial job seekers asking if they could bring their pet to work.
  • Karen’s challenge to business leaders: why you should create your pet friendly policies now


Free Resource:

1. Download a free resource from Karen: Working From Home Petiquette: Tips to Help You and Your Pet Become Great Team Players.

2. Click the player above to listen to part 6: Episode 20 Zoom Petiquette

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How to contact Karen


Instagram: @petslivingthedream


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