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19 – Zoom Etiquette with Mary Williams


Episode Summary

Part 5 of an 8 part series on Working From Home, Responsibly

Episode 19: Zoom Etiquette with Mary Williams

Did you know that people decide if they like you within 7 seconds? Yes, and that counts during online meetings too. Social skills and emotional intelligence are even more important as we shift to work from home models. Mary Williams, Your First Impression Authority, gets back to basics and shares some tips on how to put your best you forward while avoiding remote working “did that just happen!?” moments in her 9 Ways To Conquer Online Meetings Like a Rock Star!


Mary is the Founder of Your First Impression Authority, an executive coaching practice with an emphasis on the importance of first impressions and how developing emotional intelligence and social skills are the real driver in determining one’s success in both business and life.

As an inspiring speaker and effective business coach Mary’s energy, authenticity, vulnerability and sense of humor make her presentations and workshops informative and memorable. She is a regular presenter at universities, non-profit organizations, association conferences and corporate events.


Topics Covered

  • Mary shares how her non-profit and corporate career let her pursue her dreams and create “First Impression Authority”
  • Why someone decides if they like a person in 7 seconds
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Find out what over 700 CEO’s said about emotional intelligence and social skills
  • How can emotional intelligence and etiquette, even when working remotely, help young professionals stand out and reach their full potential?
  • Tip 1: The Keyboard
  • Tip 2: Home Space
  • Tip 3: Attire
  • Tip 4: Food
  • Tip 5: Speaking
  • Tip 6: Sound
  • Tip 7: Computer and sharing your screen
  • Tip 8: Introducing yourself
  • Tip 9: Camera Position


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