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17 – Nutrition with Sarah Hendren


Episode Summary

Part 3 of an 8 part series on Working From Home, Responsibly

Episode 17 Nutrition with Sarah Hendren

Moving to a work from home setting can be quite a challenge, especially on your health and nutrition. No matter if you are now homeschooling kids or have other family members with you, Sarah Hendren, a registered dietitian, has great tips on getting creative, making routines and keeping your nutritional goals. She shares her 5 Strategies to Stay Mindful of Your Nutrition (and Fit into Your Pants!) During Quarantine.



Sarah Hendren is a registered dietitian and the Nutrition & Quality Assurance Manager for a national quick-service restaurant chain. She believes all foods fit and is passionate about empowering individuals to embrace the abundance of options the food industry has to offer. Sarah is actively involved in her professional community. She was named one of Texas’ 2019 Recognized Young Dietitians of the Year and is recognized as an emerging leader and change agent in her profession.


Topics Covered

  • Sarah has worked virtually (and healthfully!) for 5 years
  • Tip #1: Make a routine and stick to it to stay healthy and mindful of what you are eating
  • Tip #2: Embrace your freezer and pantry. Yes, you can get creative!
  • Tip #3: Indulge responsibly
  • Tip #4: Serving size matters
  • Tip #5: Know the difference between hunger, thirst and boredom.
  • Have grace with yourself and do the best you can


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