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10 – Gen Z’s and CSR: Positive, Inspired, Ready





Episode Summary

In this episode, we review the Porter Novelli/Cone report, Undivided: 2019 Gen Z Purpose Study, that examines this emerging generation’s expectations of and attitudes toward company involvement in social and environmental issues — and the actions they are willing to take to positively impact topics they care about.



Topics Covered

At 2:59, 94 % of Generation Z believes our country needs to come together to make progress on important issues. In fact, 85% would rather focus on the positive progress we’ve made rather than the negative.

At 3:52, Gen Zers remain hopeful! They expect we will have made advancement on important issues in just five years’ time.

At 6:32, What do Gen Zers use as a core filter in deciding which companies to associate with when deciding where to work and shop?

At 8:06, Learn how Gen Zs prioritize the top issues they want companies to solve for like equality, environment, human rights, and job creation.

At 10:14, Ways Gen Zers stand ready to support companies that care!

At 12:37, Janet shares her theory on the gap between our level of awareness of social and environmental issues and the rate at which companies can create that change.

At 16:06, Generation Z uses social media not only to learn about issues, but to make a meaningful difference.

At 18:45, In the key findings from this research we learn that Gen Zers are:

  1. Tired of the Negative Dialogue
  2. Inspired for Action
  3. Holding Companies Accountable
  4. Impact through Social Media

Free Resource

Click here to download our free resource tool from Episode 5: Better Company – CSR Made Easy in 3 Steps

1. Discover: your environmental and social impacts

2. Prioritize: risks and opportunities for each

3. Implement: a strategy aligned to business value

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