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005 – Better Company: CSR Made Easy in 3 Steps

Part 2 of a 2-part series, with Episode #4 “Better You: The 24 Skills Every Professional Needs, But They Didn’t Teach You in School”

Throughout our years of working in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with some of the world’s largest and most respected companies, we have developed an easy 3-step process for what is an often complicated and confusing process.

In this episode, we go into the simplest definition of CSR you’ve ever heard and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the 3 steps and how they can work in any business from small local shops to global operations. 

Topics Covered:

These 3 steps will guide you to a better understanding of what CSR means, the value it brings and what is involved for a successful strategy. Listen to the episode for more details about each step. 

1. Discover: your environmental and social impacts

2. Prioritize: risks and opportunities for each

3. Implement: a strategy aligned to business value

Free Resource:

We are pleased to provide you with a resource to help you prioritize your risks and opportunities. Please click here for the download.

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