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004 – Better You: The 24 skills every professional needs, but they didn’t teach you in school

Part 1 of a 2-part series, with Episode #5 “Better Company: CSR Made Easy in 3 Steps.”

After decades of working for some of the largest and most progressive companies in the world, we created this unique list of skills that are critical for every professional. But even more essential to the success of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals.

Topics Covered

The 24 essential skills are clustered into three categories:

1. Natural Talents – Skills that come easily to some, while others may need help in developing them. 

2. Communications & Relationships – Learn how every professional can greatly benefit from building and maintaining relationships.

3. Technical Skills – Skills that are pertinent to your role and will help guide you in the management of your CSR programs. 

Free Resource:

It is our pleasure to offer you our list of the critical 24 skills so that you can make these skills work for you too. Download “Better You: 24 Skills Every Professional Needs, But They Didn’t Teach You in School.” Please click here for the download.

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