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Change the World by Changing Your Life

90 Days To Sustainability Success


The Better You, Better Company coaching and training system is led by Destination Better founders, Janet and Barbra, two seasoned CSR pro’s who skinned their knees in the corporate trenches and have built this experience just to make your life easier! Gift Yourself today if you are:

A Corporate Social Responsibility professional; whether you are leading CSR for your entire company or just part of a social or environmental program, or

A business owner or director who wants to make a company your employees feel good about, or

An Everyday Superhero who wants to make a difference in your company and community.

Are You An Everyday Superhero?

If you have said any of the following things in your daily life, then you are an everyday superhero ready to do the work of Corporate Social Responsibility. If you have said more than one of these statements, then you are ready for the Better You, Better Company coaching and training system

I want to leave a mark on the world

I want to make change, but I'm missing a seat at the table

I have SUPER ideas, but I don't where to start or what will make the biggest impact

I can't keep up with the increasing expectations of my company's stakeholders

I need a resource for practical, real-time tools and advice

I could sure use some peer support (we all need a sustainability friend!)

I feel like a lone ranger with big responsibilities

I am pulled in dozens of directions and have a hard time saying “no” to others' ideas

I was hired to “do” CSR, but I'm not quite sure how

I want to be part of a community who understands me and shares best practices in a safe and upbeat place

State of the Art Equipment

If you are looking for a quick assessment of the caliber of your mechanic, ask them about what they’ve invested in their tools. If you’d like to know the priorities of your local hospital, find out which they’ve updated most recently, their offices or their labs. And if you want to see a successful and impactful CSR professional, ask them who their coach was.

All the passion and training in the world, or more specifically, located on the internet, will not help you with practical, hands-on implementation, technical tools to align CSR with their respective company. Not only will the Better You, Better Company coaching and training program fill your CSR toolbox with instruments including energy inventory, waste data management, and decision-making, but we’ll make it simple and straightfoward to implement. Our aim is to:

EQUIP you with specific technical tools and soft skills of Corporate Social Responsibility

EDUCATE you with real world examples of “how to”, and

EMPOWER you by introducing you to a community of people who are just like you!

We know it can be tough to determine what area is most important and thus which deserves most attention and possibly investment in developing CSR strategy. When we EQUIP, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER you with our 3 steps we ensure that you and your colleagues will be ready for the challenge when asked to share your toolbox.

Everyday Superheroes in Action


“Long before CSR was cool, Barbra was conceptualizing and building a platform for CSR. She is willing to share her experience and guidance with those who are just getting started in CSR. Barbra is a person to know and watch as Corporate Social Responsibility grows and becomes a pillar of all business in years to come.”

Katie Buckland, Senior Vice President, 3BL Media

“I am incredibly excited about the momentum that Barbra and Janet are creating. Thank you for elevating the conversation in sustainability. You two women remind me why I do what I do."

Rebecca Greier Horton, Passionate Sustainability Advocate, Herman Miller

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Gift Yourself with the Better You, Better Company coaching and training system and prepare for Corporate Social Responsibility success. In 90 days you will perfect 24 essential effectiveness skills AND create a bullet-proof CSR strategy aligned to your business.

The Better You, Better Company coaching and training system will start with an inventory of your effectiveness skills; where do you shine, and where are you still a diamond in the rough? Over 14 weeks, tools and worksheets will be provided to hone and develop these skills, help you share your sparkle everywhere. During your live coaching sessions, and in collaboration with like-minded leaders, you’ll also run the three, 30-day, sprints that make up our unique CSR Made Easy process.

At Destination Better, we believe that impactful CSR strategy can change the world. That means YOU can change the world with the right tools. Gift Yourself with those tools, and with the help of CSR trailblazers and other professionals who want to learn with you, support you, and celebrate your wins.

Opportunity & Abundance, for You and the Planet

Gift Yourself for only $349 and you’ll experience:

14 live, one-hour video sessions each week from January 22 through April 22

Effectiveness Skills Personal Assessment

CSR Made Easy process coaching

Private Facebook Group

And an online graduation celebration on Earth Day that will blow you away!


Reuse, Recycle, and RESPECT

Our simple definition of Corporate Social Responsibility: An intentional approach to business that unlocks hidden value for any company and its stakeholders by managing the impact it has on the environment and its employees, communities, customers, suppliers and owners.

At Destination Better, we have we asked business leaders, professionals, and everyday superheroes what they really need to do the work of changing the world through CSR. What they told us will change your life and career:

  • Make CSR strategy easy
  • Create a community I can grow with
  • Help me quantify my impact
  • Devise ways to make CSR understandable
  • Support better relationships
  • Show me how to get more done

That is exactly what the Better You, Better Company coaching and training system does. We've taken what we have learned in our careers and made it SO easy that anyone at any level in their company can use these tools to have the career of your dreams. This experience focuses on tools that are simple, ROI-focused, inspirational, and at just $349, an incredible value!


What are you waiting for?

Gift Yourself and Let’s Change the World Together

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