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About the show

We haven’t just been consulting with some of the world’s largest companies since 2013. Before that, we each spent 25 years as entrepreneurs and leading CSR inside multi-national companies.

We have created CSR strategies, built employee volunteering and giving programs, developed investor relations communications, supported sales teams with CSR strategies to win new customers, wrote award-winning corporate responsibility reports, and created value-added signature programs that increased employee engagement - all benefitting the companies through profitability, reputation and talent retention. In 2018 we had a light bulb moment! We realized the need to massively shift the way we shared our knowledge and practices, from working with a handful of companies, to sharing the proven methods and tools we have developed over the years with the world at scale.

Why the shift?


First, we know - and live the proof every day- that social and environmental responsibility is the biggest opportunity for business: consumers are voting with their dollars and buying from honest companies, talent wants to work for companies they feel good about, and investors are increasingly demanding information about how companies are managing social and environmental risks.


Second, there remains a hug gap in businesses seizing this opportunity:

  • Most leaders are confused about what corporate responsibility actually is
  • CSR professionals are perceived as doing “soft and nice-to-do” work and leaders can’t understand the value they’re adding
  • Students are studying sustainability in college, but aren’t being taught the practical tools they need to actually do this work in companies

So, we decided to give the world the tools we have created throughout our careers in our podcast, Creating Responsible Companies. Business leaders, up-and-coming and seasoned Corporate Social Responsibility professionals, and Everyday Superheroes deserve to benefit from developing corporate responsibility inside their own companies AND have the chance to leave a great legacy too!

This is all in support of our simple mission: to make the world a better place, together, one responsible company at a time.


Even though I love numbers, data and bullet-proof processes (data IS my favorite 4 letter word!), my superpower is blending seemingly unrelated pieces of information and big ideas into strategies that make people happy and companies more profitable. I am also passionate about sharing the concept of corporate Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) ratings and how they will influence future investments. If you are ever in St Petersburg, FL, you might catch me paddle boarding in the mangroves or singing with my band in one of the sunniest, hippest, most sustainable cities in the world that I am proud to call home.


As a young girl who was raised with a “waste-not-want-not” mentality and went on annual mission trips, I learned about the power of “doing the right thing” and developing relationships. I experienced the bonds that were created within the organization, and the people we served, which were foundational in my career path of leading companies’ efforts to add business value by being socially and environmentally responsible…and telling their story, an often-missed opportunity. My most favorite things in life are to spend time with my millennial and Gen Z kids, kayaking in beautiful St. Pete waters, and exercising as my “athlete-wanna-be” persona.”

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